3 Tips for Perfect DIY Painting

3 Tips for Perfect DIY Painting

Do you want to paint your home yourself? You are not the only one, but if you don’t have any experience, there are DIY Painting starter kits. But before you head off to the store, you might want to read a few instructions for how to pull it off.

3 Tips for Perfect DIY Painting

Avoid Lap Marks

These are caused by layers of uneven paint. They appear when you rollover dry paint, don’t worry these are common in DIY Painting. You can easily avoid these if you maintain a wet edge. Make sure each stroke of roller overlaps the last one before the paint starts to dry off.  Start a corner, and run the roller up and down in full height of wall. Move over slight with each stroke. Move backward where needed to even the coat.

Mix Several Cans in Large Bucket for a Consistent Shade

Paint colors can be different from each other, if you open a new can in middle of a wall, you will see the difference. Therefore, you have to mix paints together to get rid of the issue. It’s in your best interest to estimate the paint you will need and mix it in a 5-gallon bucket. This procedure is called boxing.

When you can’t estimate the coverage, better add more than less. You can always pour the leftover in cans.

3 Tips for Perfect DIY Painting 2

Let the Paint Dry, and Cut the Tape for Perfect Edge

Once you are done with DIY Painting, let the paint dry. Afterwards remove the tape. Don’t just pull it off the trim, instead cut it loose before you pull. Just wait for the paint to completely dry off, Wait for 24 hours, and use a sharp knife to slice through the film. You need to start an inconspicuous are to make sure the paint is hard, and will slice cleanly.