3 Tips to Maintain a Wooden Garage Door

There are many things you need to consider when you get a wooden garage door. Wooden panels demand more care than traditional metal ones. Therefore if you have a wooden door, you need to keep up with the following guidelines

  • Cleaning

Clean your garage door on regular basis. Avoid power wash as it will be too hard for wooden door. Instead clean the door with a garden hose, soft brush and some diluted detergent. Clean it regularly according to climate condition. Ask a Garage Door Repair Services Alhambra for help and guidance.


  • Repairs

You better inspect your door on regular basis and check for any signs of damage. Keep an eye on working parts and assure they are in optimal condition. Lubricate the moving parts properly and check for loose screws or springs.

Better, hire a Garage Door Repair service that will help you maintain your door. You need someone who can take care of everything including springs, panels, tracks etc.

  • Refinishing

The most challenging part of having a wooden door is maintaining its aesthetic appeal;. Therefore, you should refinish the door every once in a whole to protect it against rough outdoor elements. Doing this keeps the wood from drying out.

Pay more attention to the exterior of your door as it faces weather elements and assure both exterior and interior maintains a good finish. Every wood has its own nature of contracting or expanding according to different humid levels.  This causes stress on the exterior, but you can take care of it with proper maintenance.

Fortunately, refinishing your garage door will only take an hour or two, and a properly maintained door needs to be refinished once every 1-2 years. So, find a reliable Garage Door Spring Repair company that will take care of everything related to your garage door.