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How Can You Keep Your Children Safe Around The Garage Door?

If you have children in your house, then it is necessary to keep them protected around the garage door. Sometimes, kids play with the dangerous items in, around, and outside the house. They love to open, close, and ride on the door.

If your automatic garage door is damaged, then make sure to hire garage door replacement service because it can cause serious injuries to your children. Here are some effective tips you must follow to prevent garage door accidents and injuries.

Garage Door Repair Bell, Eagle Rock

Keep the remote out of their reach

Kids love to use opener remote, but it is the duty of the parents to keep the remote out of their reach. Place it at least five feet above the ground. If you put the remote in the car, then keep it hidden to prevent children from reaching it.

Inspect the sensors

Modern doors are equipped with auto-reversing feature that uses a photoelectric eye to detect if any object is blocking the door’s path as it’s moving. If something blocks the door’s path while it’s closing, the garage door reverses automatically.

While closing the door, keep your children away to avoid injuries. Also, inspect the sensors to spot the issues at the right time.  If you notice any fault, hire garage door repair Bell service.

Teach them that garage door is not a toy

Hanging and riding on the door is full of risks, so you should teach your kids that the door is not a toy and they should stay away from it.

The springs, tracks, rollers, and other moving parts can be dangerous. Show them each part and tell what they do. Also, explain what will happen if they touch any part.

For in-depth garage door inspection, hire garage door service Eagle Rock.

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