Quick Tips for Electrical Safety of Your Child

Quick Tips for Electrical Safety of Your Child

Kids love to play, you can’t make them sit all around the day for Electrical Safety. There is a better alternative, educate them. You need to make them aware of the potential hazards and advise them safety practices to keep themselves from harm’s way.

Quick Tips for Electrical Safety of Your Child

Take Precaution

  • Never plug a bunch in one outlet or extension. This may lead to damage of electrical system or spark a fire. Therefore, you have to ensure all electric cords are properly tucked away. The issue is, your pets may also chew the electrical cords, and people trip or fall all the time, so you better avoids such a scenario
  • Never climb a fence around an electrical substation. This is straightforward suicide, so if your ball or pets gets on the other side of the fence, you better ask a grown up because they will help you out
  • Never Yank an electrical cord from the wall.  If you pull the cord, you will end up damaging your appliance, the outlet or plug. So you better avoid such scenario at all costs

Play away from the Power lines

  • Kids play outside, but for their Electrical Safety they better fly their kite far away from power lines. The kite and string can conduct electricity, and send it through the ground. So better stay away from such areas. If you need help with anything, you better ask a grown up to help you out
  • Before you climb a tree, you need to look up and out for power lines. The electricity can go through the tree branch, and to you. So you need to be careful for your own Electrical Safety
  • Use grown up safety caps on unused electrical outlets, as it will not only keep your little ones safe but will also keep the power from going to waste

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